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My name is Lou and I am a Mum, lover of colour, coffee, family and sunny holidays.

This is my little girl Audrey Mae and our labrador Honey.

Audrey and Honey have been besties since Audrey was born, and Audrey is definitely the boss! Honey is always involved in whatever what we do as a family, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She looks out for Audrey in the most adoring way and is her loyal shadow.

Remember when you were little, how great it was to receive your very own mail? I have fond memories eagerly running to the mail box in December to collect all the Christmas cards. Being allowed to open these was such a thrill.

As a new mum and sitting on the front porch with my nearly one year old and our family pet dog, I watched as my daughter played with the mail box. As months went on, the thrill she got when something was in there, albeit the local takeaway pamphlet!

I got to thinking, I would love for her to receive mail, ‘the old fashioned way’ as she grew older.

Hence my Honey & Co Club journey was born.

The namesake for the postal club is our family labrador Honey. She is the most gentle, caring & compassionate dog. I hope to portray these qualities and other positive features throughout this Club. I hope to inspire kindness, joy and the frivolity of being a child through this postal gift club and for our children to feel the excitement of play and adventure.

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