What is the Honey & Co Club

We at Honey & Co Club are excited about receiving gifts in the post and we want to share this excitement with you.

Be a part of our Club to receive monthly Honey Kits, follow Honey the friendly labrador’s adventures and receive a special surprise on your birthday!

Why be a part of Honey's Club?

In our modern day with all things tech, and I have no issues with some ipad time, actually it’s required isn’t it?! I believe it’s important for our children to understand other values too.

Let’s make our kids feel special, let’s give them interesting activities to do, or games to explore, or music to make. Let’s make them feel a part of a Club that nurtures these values.

Whether you are a Nana or Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle and are looking for that one off gift – The Honey and Co Club Kit is perfect. Your little one will love to receive a parcel with their name on it especially from you – don’t forget to enter your name at the Checkout prompt so your little friend will know it is from you!

If you are a parent, you will love to see the joy on your little one’s face at receiving their very own post pack! Trust me, I’ve seen this in my 2 year old, the super excitement of running from the front door down the hallway, to her teepee to open her post pack.

How do I join Honey & Co Club?

Simply visit our ‘Join’ page where you will have two options to be part of the Honey & Co Club

You may purchase one kit, perfect for a one off gift or to trial our service.

You may also subscribe monthly to receive a new Honey & Co Club kit that is dispatched the first week of every month.

You will then be guided to select the ‘Age Group’ for the child, Name, Address and Birthdate.

Once completed you will be taken to the Checkout page with the option to use PayPal or Credit Cards for the single item purchase.

Credit card payment is required for the monthly subscription service.

Please remember, you will need to place your order by the last day of the current month to receive your kit the following month.             For example, Orders must be received by 31st August to receive the September kit.

All payments are automatically processed on the 1st day of the Month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time and should be straight forward. Follow these steps below;

  • Login in to your Account that you had setup on the website
  • View the ‘Status of your Subscription’ in Your Account (written in yellow)
  • Click on ‘View’ order button (written in yellow)
  • You can now view your subscription. There are Action buttons to ‘Cancel’ or ‘Change Payment’
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button (written in yellow)
  • You should then receive a notification to say your Subscription has been Cancelled

If you have any issues, please just email hello@honeyandcoclub.com.au

Which subscription would best suit my child?
If you have an active, adventurous 2 year old that likes to create, I would recommend the 3-5year Honey & Co Club kit.
Please note; Child must have adult supervision as these kits may contain small parts for craft or outdoor activities. Toys included in this pack are all listed as 3+
What do I get with my subscription?

With a Honey & Co Club subscription you will receive a gorgeous keepsake canvas bag or zipper pouch that has been printed with a custom design – a different colour and design each month!

You can then keep all your treasures in here, but watch out, mum will probably love this bag too!

For 0-3 years – In your bag you will receive a quality age appropriate toy or two, sometimes we will include a book or other age appropriate activity. We encourage Play so will be including fun items for your little one to explore. Honey’s postcard story will also be included.

For 3-5 years – In your bag you will receive a quality age appropriate toy or two, an activity for young ones to enjoy (this will be either be craft, art, stickers or an outdoor experience). Colouring in drawings of Honey and Honey’s postcard story will also be included.

When will I receive my first Honey & Co Club kit?

All Honey & Co Club Kits are sent out the first week of the month.

If you have signed up during the current month (for both subscription and one-off purchases) your kit will be sent out the first week of the following month and your kit will typically arrive the second week of the following month.

If you have purchased from the Vintage Honey page, your kit will be sent out two days after purchase.

Where does Honey & Co Club send to & how much does this cost?

We send our Honey Kits Australia wide – and the great news? This includes Free Shipping!

Will I know what I'm getting each month?

It’s a surprise! We put a lot of work into finding quality and fun finds for you to receive but like any gift we want to keep each month a surprise for you. It’s more exciting!  We also share a lot of sneak peeks on our social feeds, so be sure to follow along @honeyandcoclub

What is the return policy?

Monthly subscriptions kits are ineligible for return. If you have any issues with what you have received, please email us.

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